Of Magic and Friendship
-rubs your butt- But you doooo

=W= bad boi, no touchy the booty

Do Mirage got da booty? He dooooooooo

you shoosh… you

What is better, a naughty horny dragon looking for some fun. Or a angry hungry dragon looking for food?

Well I’m not into vore soooooo…

If I break your butt and I buy it, does that mean I own your pretty butt :3

You will get to visit it on weekends and major holidays

That's it. That's my fetish. That dragon is my fetish. Miwu that dragon is my fetish. Help. I want a dragon dick rubbed against my body. Miwu help.

I think he’d be able to help you more than I can, babe :P

Pone spooge bath

The cock radiating heat, rubbing against your body and fur, larger than you yourself and stirring the air to a mixture of dragon, sex and cock. The massive organ grinding against you for a while until suddenly it pulls back, the tip aimed at your head and the first jet of dragon cum blasts your face, the cum does not stop, it covers your body as the dragon moves his cock and it begins to pool around your body, the dragon walks away leaving you in a pool of his cum and with a grin says “See you soon”

Naughty dragon~

Your blog has now disturbed me... Just let me shiver at the corner

*huggles the mindy corner*

I'm gonna pin you down, and then rub my giant dick all over you til I cover you in seed. Cause your body is just that sexy


Who said it was optional? Or even debatable?

YOU ARE SUCH A- Giant thing, and you can’t- not… sweet Mary I’m gonna die ^^;;